Madchester Quiz

Think you know your Madchester music? Have a go at these....

1. Where did The Stone Roses play their last ever gig?

2. Who is Shaun Ryder's famous father-in-law?

3. What does Flowered Ups' lead singer now do?

4. Where did Bez live until he moved to Manchester?

5. Who is the funny man brother of The Mock Turtles lead singer?

6. How many number ones did The Happy Mondays and The Stone Roses have?

7. What was the name of The Stone Roses Bez-like dancer?

8. Which Inspiral Carpets song was used in a television ad for TDK?

9. What was the name of the Charlatans original guitarist (pre Mark Collins)?

10. Bernard Sumner - Electronic, Peter Hook - Monaco. Name the band that Stephen Morris and Gillian Gilbert formed.

11. Andy Couzens, a founding member of The Stone Roses, formed which other Madchester band?

12. Who was 'on loan' to The Charlatans as keyboardist after the tragic death of Rob Collins?

13. Which superstar DJ was the engineer/producer of several Happy Mondays tracks?

14. Noel Gallacher was a roadie for which baggy band?

15. Which single did Factory records (allegedly) lose 3p on each copy sold when it was originally released?

16. Black Grape guitarist Wags was in which Madchester band in the early 90's?

17. Hit Squad Manchester was the original name of which pioneering Manchester trio?

18. Who were World of Twist covering with the song 'She's Like a Rainbow'?

19. The first every Mercury music prize was won by which band & album?

20. What album is the closest thing to perfection you will ever hear?

Scroll down for the answers.....


1. Reading Festival

2. Donovan

3. Runs a fruit stall in a London market

4. In a cave in Africa (allegedly)

5. Steve Coogan

6. None (Love Spreads got to no.2, Step On got to no.5)

7. Caressa

8. I Want You (Mark E Smith was in it too)

9. Jon Baker

10. The Other Two

11. The High, he was the bassist before Mani

12. Martin Duffy of Primal Scream

13. Paul Oakenfold

14. The Inspirals

15. New Order - Blue Monday

16. Paris Angels

17. 808 State

18. The Rolling Stones

19. Primal Scream - Screamadelica

20. The Stone Roses